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Zolai Laipai (Zolai Grammar)(Zolai Gelhmaan)

Laipai icih in 'LAI' tawh kisai mipi leh thuneihna ah etteh ding leh, sanding thuguipi (public and official used; that which is a public acceptability in any written document and officially recognized) laimal leh laigual ciapteh picing khat cih na hi.
Mipi in thumaan thukhun te thukhenna a zatteh ding lai cih a hi hi. (A Written (Sound) Document that which is to be used for judging the author's opinion(sound-mindly).

  1. laiat, Laiat(laigelh) mi pa/nu i a at lai a adeihna; bang deihna tawh a at hiam? cih ki en thei ding.
  2. laisim, lai i sim ciang in a dang akhiatna/adeihna dang a ki ummawh khial thei te a a omloh na ding.
  3. Laipai, Laipi i neih manin, minam te in Zolai pen, Sanglai siamsinna sang te ah i sin ding.
  4. Zatteh, Lai atdan(gelhdan) kibang lo laipai siamlo te leh, laipai a theilo te in, a lai at te a mantak leh, Kumpizat (officially recognized), Mipizat (public acceptance), zattheih (recognized) laipai bek tawh thu leh la, ciaptehna (documentation) bawl ding leh neih ding kisam; hih thu mipi in i vekpi in i zuih ding kul.

Laipai Phungpi Tawh Kisai

Laipai dang, gentehna in, Mikanglai (English) a zat, bulpi giat te (the major Eight Parts of Speech, which is offically and public used), gtn2. Kawllai or Burmese (the Myanmarsar Tada) acih, Kawllai laipai, hih lai luanzia te leh Laipai dang hih, Arab te zat ahi Arabi te leh Sen te' zat a hi Chinese' Pinyin te tawh zongh etkak a bawl ding kisam hi. Bang hang hiam cih leh, consept dan leh scope dang te tel khit teh, Ei' aading aman pen leh a hoih pen, anuam pen ding kingah zaw ding cih upna hi.

Amasa in English(Mikanglai) pen England(Mikang gam) pan ong kipan hi a, Gamveng te in zong zatpih bek tham lo; Leitungbupzat(International English) Mikanglai ong suak hi.
Hih ah; Phungpi nam giat in na khen uh hi. Adang te nunun phot ni in, Hih Mikanglai tawh kipan masa dih ni.

The major Eight Parts of Speech in English

  • Noun /Min lawhna
  1. Proper noun
  2. Common noun
  3. Abstract noun
  4. the gerund and or participles and or the 'ing' forms
    1. the Singular and
    2. the Plural forms
      1. vowel

  • Pronoun /Mintaang
  1. the First person, Second person, Third persons. Mintaanga zat kilawhna/lawhna min te.
  2. the demonstrative marks such as the 'Apostrophe', and 'Ss. Neihsa lahna te.

  • Verb /gamtatna leh sepna
  1. the Transitive verb and
  2. the Intransitive verb
  3. The Tenses such as /gamtat leh sep hun te ong lak.
    1. the Present Tense;
    2. the Past Tense;
    3. the Future Tense;
    4. the +Perfect Tenses;
    5. the +Participles such as the 'ed' and 'ing' sufficion and or their forms.

  • Adverb /dan leh zia te ong gen(Hih pen Eimi te aading in thupi mahmah; Mikang te sang in i hauh zawk, English tung ah Zolai a tungtuan na, lai kicing zaw i neih na hih THE ADVERBIAL CLAUSES te ahi hi. gtn. heuhau, pieupuau, khiankhian, adg.
  1. the Adv. of Manner /adan
  2. the Adv. or Quantity and numbers /Azah
  3. the Adv. of Frequency and times /azahvei
  4. the Adv. of Place /amun tawh kisaizia
  5. the Adv. of Degree /a haksat baih leh atuamtuam zia te
  6. the Adv. of Time
Complex Adverbial compostion such as 'bialbual', 'peuhpeuh, 'mahmah' teh...adg.

  • Adjective /hih pen eimi tee ading in atunga Adverb tawh akilamdanna genhak hi. Azia mah hi.
  1. the Degrees of Adjective and of adverbs.
  2. the word; the Postive or Negative; the Second Comparative; the Thirdly the Superlative;
Ahih ahih hang Eimi te in a tamzaw khat neihbeh thuah lai; such as 'pianpian', 'deuh', tham;
Bang hanhiam cih leh.
Positive or (Negative of) Comparative Superlative
1.hat 2.hatzaw 3.hatpen
1.siam 2.siamzaw 3.siampen

hih a tunga gtn. nih te khit teh, i neih beh pen
1 positive postion 2 plus the 1position 3 Comparative 4 plus the Comparative postion 5Superlative 6 the climax above superlative
1 hoih 2 hoihpian 3 hoihzaw 4 hoihzaw tham/ hoihzaw pekpek 5 hoihpen 6 hoih penpen

hih te ei aading in 1Postive Degree(1,2), 2Comparative Degreee(3,4,5),and the 3Superlative Degree(5,6), cih bang in, thum bek mah in khen leng ahoih zaw leh, zat nuam zaw ding ong hi zel kawikawi hi.

  • Preposition /mun gen kammal

  • Conjucntion /azopna kammal

  • Interjection /thuakdan leh zia onglak/ lungtang leh khuak' phawk dan lak/ launa nuamna te adg.

leh adangdang;
Mikanglai ah, hih ciang bek ah tawp phot uh hi. Tu cianciang English Grammatical Anlysia ah Kumpi zatpih hih giat tawh khawlbawl phot uh dan hi......Anuai a te leh the (Article) atung a a san velval pen tawh gawm beh ding Mungpi behlap a kisap leh behlap ding in hoih hi.

9.-the Articles

10-the Gerund

11.-the Phrases and clauses

12-the idioms

13.-the adverbial clauses

  • the Secretary tags, such as `, ~, !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (, ), _, -, +, =, |, \, {, [, ], :, ;, ", ', <, ,, >, ., ?, /, and other signs and symbols {}

Tutadih (lawlawsen)a zatding in bel, hih Mikang lai 'the 8 parts of speech' pen Zolai Laipai aadingin lemkhin lo hi; bang hiam cih leh; Mikanglai a om te, Zolai a om lo om hi; Mikang lai in a omlo te zongh Zolai in a om tampi mah om zel hi.

  • gtn.
1Noun, 2Pronoun, 3Verb, 4Conjunction,
Hih atung ateng 4teng pen English leh Zolai Mungpi ding in, akibang linlian in om hi.
ahih hang

  • 1Articles, 2Adjective; 3Adverb; 4Preposition; 5Interjection; 6Demonstration mark or Secretary marks,
Hih atunga 6teng pen takciang; Mikanglai luanzia leh Zolai luanzia ah ki lamdang mahmah zel hi.

    • Tua ahih manin, hih atungdiak a i gen, 4te leh 6te gawm, 10 pen,
Ei aading in, Zolai Zolai Foundation ah thuah dingin kilawm hi.

Tua hi leh, Zolai Laipai ah Laipai Bulpi sawm (10) anei i hi ding hi. Hih pen, Mikanglai English Literature tawh kizom Zolai ong suak ding hi. Tua ahih manin, hih i gen Parts of speech Mikanglai a, 8 a om tawh behlap (1)the Articles (2)Demonstration marks; hih nih tawh gawm 10 apha, 'There are 10 Parts of Speech in Zolai' cih anei i hi ta hi. Hih pen, Mikanglai kawm Zomi te' Zolai, '''Zolai Laipai''' ong suaka a; Mikanglai tawh kizom Zolai Laipai ong suak hi.

aban pen, Zolai Bulpi laimai ah ki zom suak hi.

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