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This wiki is closing on Jul 7th. if you would like to migrate and continue to use with wiki, please ask us on helpdesk.


The Field

This terra incognita project is life-long, generational and collaborative, aimed at making connections across theory and practice | making, doing and thinking | arts and science | artists and non-artists | human and non-human | urban and rural | practical conservation and ecology. 'The Field' is located in a 13 acre meadow and woodland near Stansted airport, Essex.

On the one hand, The Field is just a beautiful location and many participants in the various parts of the project experience it as an opportunity to 'be in nature', or work with wood, or fell trees, or build habitats, or be with friends.

For Alana Jelinek, who initiated it, it is an artwork, an art praxis, where theory informs practice which then informs theory. It is an attempt at self-consciously negotiating the other in ethical engagements, where the other is understood as Other in a Levinasian ethics. This includes the human Other and the non-human (and therefore goes well beyond what Levinas himself meant). The Field, as an art project, is an attempt at resolving some of the many legitimate criticisms against much eco-art, such as Romanticism, utopianism and equating humanity with 'bad' and nature with 'good'.

"The starting point for the project did encompass these ideas, being city-born and bred and therefore with only an idealised sense of the countryside. But over time and since 2008, I have learned that there are more complex relationships to be had and even more complex ways of narrating a relationship with the 'natural' world: ones not founded on anthropomorphism or sentimentality but in ecological understanding and somehow, an openness to the individual."
Alana Jelinek

Please visit terra incognita if you're interested in knowing more about terra incognita arts organisation or click through this website for more about The Field including Future Projects and Moot Point, an annual art event at The Field interrogating ideas.
Please get in contact if you're interested in joining us for conservation days or any other event.

All welcome

terra incognita's The Field project is a member of BTCV - British Trust of Conservation Volunteers. See BTCV

There is a huge amount of information on their website that is useful particularly for Fields 2, 3 and 4 - which is where the conservation action will take place. But it also has information about fencing.

We are also members of the East of England Apples and Orchards Project EEAOP,
the British Beekeepers Association
and the Association of Pole Lathe turners and Greenwood workers

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