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This wiki is closing on Jul 7th. if you would like to migrate and continue to use with wiki, please ask us on helpdesk.


Welcome to ScrumChina gathering 2008 Wiki!

# Updated 2008-09-21:
  • ScrumChina Gathering was successfully finished.

What You Liked About This Gathering

  • Lunch
  • T-Shirt
  • Get together and meet people
  • Case Study
  • Location
  • Free Discussion
  • "Free"

Ideas For Improvement About Next Gathering

  • Standup introduction
  • Use game to get to know better
  • Planned session in addition to open session (Presentation, Experience Sharing, etc.)
  • Summary of sessions during lunch
  • Prepare questions / topics before gathering
  • Practice sessions in the gathering
  • More events
  • Bring "tools"
  • Map
  • Marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Sharing among sessions
  • Facility (projector, etc.)
  • Language : Chinese, translator
  • Invite speaker
  • Voting for topics
  • Make theme smaller
  • Record sessions, and put it online

About the event

Time : Sept.20, Saturday
Venue : Pier-one Boutique Hotel, Shanghai
Size : Maximum 60 people
Cost : No cost for the gathering, including lunch; own cost for travelling and accommondation

Purpose :
  • Kick off the Scrum China community
  • Connect the Scrum practitioners and people who are just interested in Scrum
  • Share the status and experience of Scrum implementation in China
Format : Open Space
Theme : Scrum Implementation in China
Agenda :
  • 9:00 sign in & get to know each other
  • 10:00 start of open space session, create agenda
  • 10:30 first session with ~5 tracks
  • 12:00 lunch
  • 13:00 second session with ~5 tracks
  • 14:30 third session with ~5 tracks
  • 16:00 summary & ideas for next gathering
  • 16:30 end

Important notice!

  • Considering that the number of registered participants has reached our maximum limit, we stop the registration via wiki now. However, if you are interested in participating, please send mail to Lv Yi at yi_lv@yahoo.com, who will add you into waiting list and inform you in case that some others who registered earlier can not make it.
  • For people who have registered here, please also send your contact to Lv Yi at yi_lv@yahoo.com for late confirmation before the event
  • If you want to stay in the same hotel as the event, we have agreed a discounted price, please contact Lv Yi at yi_lv@yahoo.com
  • The latest update will be announced in ScrumChina yahoo group


Signup here

Name T-shirt size (S, M, L, XL, XXL)
Lv Yi L
Bas Vodde XL
James Grenning XXL
Li Guobiao (Bill) XL
Liu Jun M
Tong Hua (Sam) L
Vernon Stinebaker XXL
Zhu Wei XXL
Jiang Rong (Mary) S
Xu Yi XL
Li Ren XL
Li Dingshan XL
Shan Hongwei XXL
Chen Guanghui M
Leo Ren XL
Steven Mak XL
Dapeng Wen XXL
Sergei Titarenko XL
Jin Wen M
Zhuo Liu XL
Wei YunShuo M
Zhang Shengxiao(Tom) XL
Christoffer Munck L
Luo Jun XL
Jason He L
Mika Muukkonen L
Zou Xiaojun M
Xu Li M
George ZHANG Z.J. XL
Gexin Sheng L
Weisheng Xue XL
Daoming You XL
Alvis Koon S
Liu Caihong (Helen) S
Wang Jing (Philip) XL
Kerry Huang XL
Jackson Zhang L
Jacky Li XL
Dan Fu L
Zhang Changgui (Steven) M
Zhao bin(Ben) L
Daniel Teng XL
Chen Xuekai XL
Connie Ye M
Song Ya Feng XXL
Geng Huafeng L
ChangMin Liu M
Dai JiaLin L
James Liang L
Steve Glennie XL
Yin Zhe XL
Yongxin Pan L
Zhishi Guan M
Donald Ye XL
Minghua Zheng M
Gao Donghua XL
Linchuan Wang M
Giorgio Ouyang L
Chaohua Yu M
Nathalie Paccard L
Yuan Pei Sheng L
Sun Yi XL

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