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This wiki is closing on Jul 7th. if you would like to migrate and continue to use with wiki, please ask us on helpdesk.



For game troubleshooting see our forums Tech Support page.

Character Guides

We will list character guides and tiers here. It is recommended that you check out the Fighting Game Controls page before proceeding.

Finished Guides

These guides are finished or have all the data our forums have on the character.

Archer Assassin Avenger Bazett Kirei Ilyasviel

Under Construction

These guides might offer some information about the character. You should also check the corresponding characters forum category for possible data.

Hassan Berserker Lancer Caster Soichiro Shiro Rin Sakura


These guides haven't been started yet.

Saber Rider Saber Alter Gilgamesh Dark Sakura

Map Overviews

Info of the maps and tips to them. Also notes which characters have advantage on each map. Doesn't need a new page.

Version 1.21 Health and Mana Values
Servants Health Points Mana Capacity Masters Health Points Mana Capacity Passive Mana Gain
Saber Alter 15000 0.5 Kirei 10800 2.5 45 seconds
Berserker 15000 0 Soichiro 10800 1.5 65 seconds
Archer 14400 1.5 Bazett 9600 2.5 34 seconds
Saber 14400 1 Shiro 9600 2 40 seconds
Gilgamesh 14400 1 Rin 8400 3 25 seconds
Lancer 14400 0.5 Sakura 7800 3.5 25 seconds
Hassan 12000 2 Dark Sakura 6600 4.5 Doesn't have.
Rider 12000 1 Ilyasviel Doesn't have. 4.5 Doesn't Have.
Caster 10800 4        
Avenger 10800 1.5        
Assassin 9000 1        

It is possible to mod Crucis Fatal Fake. For example to modify the existing skins, add new music to the game or change maps. See our forums Modding section for more information.

Patch Notes

Archive of the patch notes from version 1.01 to the newest. You can find them on our forums Tech Support section.