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Huo Yuan Jia

霍元甲 (2007)

1. Details

Title: 霍元甲
English title: Huo Yuan Jia
Other title(s): Legendary Fok 2008
Genre: Wuxia
Episodes: 42
Broadcast network: 天津、江西、安徽、重庆 卫视, 广东珠江频道, 北京电视台, 成都电视台影视文艺频道(CDTV—4), 南京台,湖北台, 南京电视台, 江苏常州电视台 (China), ATV (Hong Kong)
Broadcast period: 09/10/2007 to 06/11/2007 (Guang Zhou,China), 01/01/2008 to 22/02/2008 (Hong Kong)
Air time: 7-9pm (Guang Zhou, China), 9-10pm (ATV, Hong Kong)
Opening theme song: " The Great Wall Will Never Fall " 萬里長城永不倒 by Johnny Yip 葉振棠
Ending theme song: " Night Injury " 夜殇 by Mao Ning 毛宁 and Chen Ming 陳明
Related TV series: Legendary Fok 1981 大俠霍元甲, Jing Wu Chen Zhen 精武陳真

2. Synopsis

Set in the late Ching dynasty, Huo Yuan Jia ( Ekin Cheng ) is the fourth son of a well known martial arts family in Jing Hai. Due to childhood sickness, Yuan Jia was banned from learning martial arts and forced to follow a scholar path by his father Huo En Di ( Bryan Leung ). This did not stop Yuan Jia’s passion for martial art and under an unusual circumstances, Yuan Jia was saved by Da Dao Wang Wu ( Ben Ng ). Yuan Jia learnt martial arts secretly from Da Dao Wang Wu and for many years no one knew Yuan Jia is a martial art practitioner.

Huo En Di and Zhao Sheng Xian are martial art brothers but when En Di was appointed the next leader in their martial art school, En Di and Sheng Xian became rivals. This lead to an ongoing battle between Huo and Zhao’s family. On the day of the annual martial art fight for leadership between the two families, En Di and Sheng Xian’s eldest martial art brother makes an uninvited appearance and when it seems all is lost for both the Huo and Zhao’s families, Yuan Jia was forced to reveal his martial arts abilities.

When Chen Tian Xiao is defeated and killed by Yuan Jia, his disciple Chen Zhen ( Jordan Chan ) is set to take revenge by all means including becoming Yuan Jia’s disciple. Meanwhile, Zhao’s family third daughter Zhao Xian Nan ( Zhou Mu Yin ) is in love with Yuan Jia ever since they were kids even knowing he is already married to Wang Yun ( Ding Li ).

Xian Nan’s older cousin Long Hai Sheng ( Xiu Qing ) has returned from overseas and is set to take the hands of Xian Nan. He is also running an opium disputing business but was forced to close down because of Yuan Jia’s influence on the public. Due to this, Long is set to take revenge on Yuan Jia for ruining his business and also as love rivals. He framed Yuan Jia for killing Xian Nan’s older brother and Yuan Jia was forced to flee Jing Hai to Tian Jing.

In Tian Jing, Yuan Jia became a national hero when he defeated a Japanese fighter using a fist stance " Mi Zhong Quan " created by himself. He continued to defeat many foreign fighters and eventually succeed in uniting the different martial art clans. He became the founder of “ Jing Wu Sports Federation ” to promulgate the spirit of modern sportsmanship and helped China to get rid of the term “ The sick man of Asia ”. Poisoned by the Japanese, Yuan Jia died a tragic death after defeating the fighters from the 8 foreign countries and his disciple Chen Zhen continued his legacy for the many years to come.

3. Cast

3.1 Huo Family 霍家

  • Ekin Cheng 鄭伊健 as Huo Yuan Jia 霍元甲
  • Ding Li 丁莉 as Wang Yun 王雲 (Yuan Jia's wife)
  • Bryan Leung 梁家仁 as Huo En Di 霍恩弟 (Yuan Jia's father)
  • Ge Lei 葛蕾 as Mrs. Huo (Yuan Jia's mother)
  • Li Yao Jing 李耀敬 as Huo Yuan Wu 霍元武(Yuan Jia's eldest brother)
  • Chen Kai 陈凯 as Huo Yuan Ying 霍元英 (Yuan Jia's 2nd brother)

3.2 Zhao Family 趙家

  • Liu Jia Rong 刘家荣 as Zhao Sheng Xian 趙声显 (Qian Nan's father)
  • Zhou Mu Yin 周牧茵 as Zhao Qian Nan 趙倩男
  • Xiu Qing 修慶 as Long Hai Sheng 龍海生(Cousin of Qian Nan)

3.3 Others

  • Jordan Chan 陳小春 as Chen Zhen 陳真 (Yuan Jia's 2nd Disciple)
  • Qu Yue 屈玥 as Wang Xiu Zhi 王秀芝(Chen Zhen's Lover)
  • Liu Wei Hua 刘卫华 as Wang Xi Wen 王熙文 (Xiu Zhi's Brother)
  • 侯煜 as Liu Zhen Xing 劉振聲 (Yuan Jia's 1st Disciple)
  • Wang Fei Hong 王飞鸿 as Lu Da An 路大安 (Yuan Jia's 3rd Disciple)
  • Yuan Shun Yi 袁顺义 as Chen Tian Xiao 程天笑 (Chen Zhen's Ex Master)
  • Zhang Song Wen 張頌文 as Nong Jing Sun 農勁蓀
  • Ben Ng 吳毅將 as Da Dao Wang Wu 大刀王五 (Yuan Jia's Master)

4. Production Credits

Executive Producer: Wu Jie Qiang 吴杰强
Producers: Sheng Xiao Dong 生晓东, Ren Xiao Jie 任晓洁, Wang Da Fang 王大方, Guo Jun 郭钧, Li Cheng 李程, Wang Zhi Zhong 王志忠, Pu Shu Lin
Director: Ju Jue Liang 鞠覺亮
Action Director: Gu Xuan Zhao 谷軒昭
Art Director: Stanley Kwan 關錦鵬
Screenwriter: Benny Chan 陳翹英
Music: Chris Babida 鲍比达

5. Awards and Nominations

2007 Rome International Television Drama Festival Nominations Ref 1
  • "Best Lengthy Television Drama"
  • "Best Actor in a Leading Role" (Ekin Cheng - Huo Yuan Jia)
  • "Best Actor in a Supporting Role" (Jordan Chan - Chen Zhen)

6. Trailer

7.Opening Theme

萬里長城永不倒 The Great Wall Will Never Fall by Johnny Yip 葉振棠

Music Video

8. Ending Theme

夜殇 Night Injury by Mao Ning 毛宁 and Chen Ming 陳明

9. Making of Huo Yuan Jia (Cantonese/Mandarin)

10. Interesting Facts

  • Huo Yuan Jia is based on an ATV TV drama made in 1981 "The Legendary Fok" 大俠霍元甲. It even reused the theme song " The Great Wall will never fall " 萬里長城永不倒 which was re-sang by the original singer Johnny Yip.
  • Originally, Ekin Cheng refused the role as it required chopping off his trade mark hair and a 3 months long filming time in China. However, after many months of persuasion by Stanley Kwan and Jordan Chan's agreement to play the role of Chen Zhen, Cheng agreed to the role.
  • During the filming of the last fight scene in episode 41, Cheng was ill with a high fever. He insisted on filming even when the scene required a topless Cheng. Ref 2
  • A movie length of the drama called Jing Wu Yun 精武魂 was released before the actual drama.
  • Huo Yuan Jia DVD with English subs were released on 16/11/2007 in Malaysia and Singapore even though it was still on air in China.
  • Huo Yuan Jia broke many rating records through out the TV stations in China. It became the best rating show in 2007. Ref 3
  • A sequel to Huo Yuan Jia " Jing Wu Chen Zhen " 精武陳真 starring Jordan Chan was made and released in 2008. Initially, Ekin Cheng was to guest starred but the drama ended up reusing scenes from the original drama instead.
  • There were speculations that Ekin Cheng broke records of the highest paid Hong Kong actor for this drama. It was said he got paid over 10 mill HKD.

11. External Links

12. References

1. Ref 1: China Movie Database
2. Ref 2: Apple Dialy 蘋果日報 11/02/2007 伊健上海趕戲 帶病披甲 勇!
3. Ref 3: China Movie Database 06/11/2007 新《霍元甲》南京開播 擊敗《新上海灘》奪冠

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