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Rage and Passion

中神通王重陽 (1993)

1. Details

Title: 中神通王重陽 Jung Sun Tung Wong Chung Yeung
English title: Rage and Passion
Genre: Wuxia
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 1993
Air time:
Opening theme song: 匆匆一夢中 A Rushed Dream by 許志安 Andy Hui
Ending theme song: 難忘是你 Hard to Forget You by 許志安 Andy Hui
Related TV series: Condor Heroes Return, Legend of the Condor Heroes, Return of the Condor Heroes

2. Synopsis

Rage and Passion is a tragic love story based on the characters originally created by Jin Yong in the Legend of Condor Heroes. It is a story written by TVB based on the legendary life of Wong Chung Yeung ( Ekin Cheng ) the creator of Chun Zhen Gao(Taoist Sect).

The story began in the late Song dynasty, the soon to be leader of a Taoist Sect Chun Zhen Gao, Tin Sang ( Eddie Kwan ) fell in love with a kind blind girl, Yeuk Si ( Vivian Chow ). When Yeuk Si became pregnant, Tin Sang gave up everything in order to be with her, however at the same time he discovered that his second senior sect brother has been plotting with the Country of Gum to steal the sect's most valuable possession "Gou Yum Zhen Gin"(a highly valued martial arts manual). To save the Taoist sect and to chase away the Gum's, Tin Sang died in the process. Yeuk Si soon followed her husband's fate after handing their baby son to the sect's first senior brother. After a series of events, Gou Yum Zhen Gin was split into three and Wong Chung Yeung was left to be raised by the now crazy first senior brother in the mountains.

20 years later, the Gum's has taken over the Hans and Wong Chung Yeung is now a young lad not knowing his true identity. Under a series of events Wong Chung Yeung met Lum Chiu Ying ( Fiona Leung ), the love of his life and Yuen An Fung ( Gallen Lo ), his best friend to be. As the story progresses, Yeung and Lum had their hands on “Gum Yum Zhen Gin” and learnt all the martial arts inside and became legendary fighters. However, through some misunderstandings, Yeung and Lum became enemies and set to kill one another. Meanwhile, Yuen An Fung has been facing his own problems with Fok Mo Sheung ( Money Lo ), his lover and her father, the gum rebellion’s group leader. In the end, Yeung and Lum made up but tragically, Lum was killed and Yeung had no choice but to take up the responsibility as the leader of Chun Zhen Gao.

Throughout the series, Wong Chung Yeung struggles between his love for Lum Chiu Ying , his friendship with Yuen An Fung the Gum Prince, and the hatred between the Gums and the Hans.

3. Cast

  • Ekin Cheng 鄭伊健 as Wong Chung Yeung/Gau Jai 王重陽 /狗仔
  • Fiona Leung 梁佩玲 as Lum Chiu Ying 林朝英
  • Gallen Lo 羅嘉良 as Yuen An Fung 完顏峰
  • Money Lo 盧敏儀 as Fok Mo Sheung 霍無雙

3.1 Taoist 道教

  • Eddie Kwan 關禮傑 as Wong Tin Sang 王天生 (Father of Wong Chung Yeung)
  • Lai Hon Chi 黎漢持 as Seung Sang 常生/王裳 (Father of Lum Chiu Ying)
  • Wayne Cheung 黎耀祥 as Chow Bak Tung 周伯通
  • Bao Fong 鮑方 as Old Taoist Leader 老掌教
  • Lee Sing Cheung 李成昌 as Lin Sang 蓮生
  • 何壁堅 as 老主持

3.2 Taoist Branch 玄冥聖教

  • Lam Seung Mo 林尚武 as Yuen Sang 玄生
  • 李耀敬 as 蒼松
  • 李煌生 as 古松
  • 麥子雲 as 赤松
  • 徐寶麟 as 青松

3.3 Country of Gum 金國

  • 李嘉豪 as 完顏跋 (Younger brother of Yuen An Fung)
  • 鄭 雪 as 完顏圭 (Father of Yuen An Fung)
  • 張英才 as 天龍法王
  • 麥皓為 as 金國國師
  • 蔡國慶 as 哈圖 將軍
  • 區 嶽 as 牧場場主
  • 陳燕航 as 阿珠
  • 艾 威 as 阿秦
  • 羅君左 as 阿虎
  • 廖麗麗 as 孫大娘

3.4 Rebellion Group

  • 張翼 as 霍景山 (Father of Fok Mo Sheung)
  • 胡美儀 as 周月映 (Mother of Fok Mo Sheung)

3.5 Others

  • Vivian Chow 周慧敏 as Chin Yuek Si 程若詩 (Mother of Wong Chung Yeung)
  • Mary Hon 韓馬莉 as Lam Ling So 林靈素 (Mother of Lum Chiu Ying)

4. Production Credits

Producer: 余明生、趙仕謙

5. Opening Theme

匆匆一夢中 A Rushed Dream by 許志安 Andy Hui

6. Ending Theme

難忘是你 Hard to Forget You by 許志安 Andy Hui

7. External Links

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